Wednesday, July 24, 2002

See how stressed you are at Hello Kitty.

Another Guardian link. This is a fascinating account of the Iranian embassy siege which was ended by the SAS, whom few had heard of at the time.

The eldest nipper is seven so the politics of parenthood and childhood and friendship and relationships are becoming increasingly fraught and complex. This article hasn't helped much.

Is Norwegian difficult to learn?

Unbelievably, someone has nicked Bungle, Zippy and George

Would be economic migrants into the U.S from Mexico are having to take ever more hazardous routes to avoid detection. Robin Hoover tries to make it easier for them.

An incredibly hard days racing in the tour, with 3 massive climbs, not much of interest overall though, with Armstrong consolidating his position. The finances inolved in the thing make interesting reading.

I really have no clue how to begin describing, this funky, animated thing, with a groovy tune attached. It's a bit wonderful.

In the interests of balance I suppose I should mention that the Blues good run has ended, with 2 successive defeats on their Scottish tour. Friendlies are meaningless, really.
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